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The Transporter Refueled 2015 Users Reviews

The Jason Statham fan club apparently have decided to write many negative reviews – hey wake up – this isn’t a thriller or drama focused on dialogue – its an action movie! When you look at this movie with actual perspective and don’t expect mission impossible budgeted effects and script writing, you can actually sit back and enjoy this film for what it is. A good action movie, with a relatively unknown actor filling the shoes of an A list Hollywood actor! In my opinion, he nails it. Poise, machismo, intensity, and a general aura of always being in control of the situation helps Ed Skrein fills those shoes so well. I remember seeing him in game of thrones and Ill Manors and thought that this guy could have a future. Ill Manors was exceptional. I’m glad he did this, and me and my Mrs thoroughly enjoyed watching this at the cinema. Clearly another film star to keep an eye on in the future especially with much anticipated Deadpool out next year in which he is the main antagonist! My favorite scene is with the car cruising at around 10kph and him fighting in front of it, which can also be seen in the adverts (so it’s not a spoiler), it is absolute quality. I have to give a mention to Ray Stevenson who played Frank’s Dad in the movie. I thought he was great as well and it was nice to see a man who I thought deserved so much more as a result of ‘The Punisher’ film, back on screen. Overall this is a great action movie, and more to the point you are witnessing the emergence of a new acting talent to come from the UK who I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of in the future… Tom Hardy watch out!

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